Title Description (Port) Author Download
Brightness Control and save brightness settings in Dingux wejp Wejp Blog
CPU Overclocking application A600 MediaFire Mirror
CPUD Dynamic Overclocking application cRTrn13 Google Code
DinguxCommander A simple file manager for Dingux, in 'commander' style Mia Homepage
DinguXMB Menu system Slaanesh Dingoo File Archive
dmenu Menu system rookie1 Dingoo File Archive
FSM Simple menu system darfgarf Dingoo File Archive
fbgrab Screenshot maker Joyrider Dingoo File Archive
gmenu2x Port of Gmenu2X to Dingux Joyrider Dingoo File Archive
GMU Music player, port of GMU from the GP2X to the Dingoo A320 wejp wejp project page
LGPT MusicTracker xzakox 10pm Files
MPlayer Multimedia Player lordbla Dingoo File Archive
NuPDF PDF reader darfgarf Dingoo File Archive
SDLcalc Basic Calculator mrLogan A320 Forum DL
SDLread Text Viewer mrLogan Mediafire (feel free to upload on a proper filespace)
tinypy Port of tinypy, minimalist implementation of python mrLogan FreeForums Archive
vifm File manager ainu Dingoo Ru Files
volset Volume Changer ingood FreeForums Archive