How do I install Dingux on my Dingoo?

Please read the Dingux page for further information.

What do I need to install Dingux?

Any miniSD or microSD with miniSd apdapter, A windows or linux computer, and the patience to read an easy tutorial.

Is there a GUI installer for Dingux?

Yes, one was released recently by NeoTheFox, get it here.

Ok, Dingux is installed, what do I do next?

There are basically two options.

- or -

When I boot into Dingux nothing displays but "segmentation fault". What does that mean?

That is a common corruption error with Dingux, promptly backup your files from your sd card to your computer and reformat the sd card, then replace your files. It is best to copy the zImage file first, then the rootfs file and the local folder at last.

Dingux RNDIS USB Ethernet Network

Assuming RNDIS is working on the USB host PC, the typical IP addresses are:

Desktop host:

Assuming ftp/telnet server is running just connect as per normal, Example:


Dingux RNDIS USB Ethernet Network Under Windows XP

Need drivers, see: