Dingux Kernels

The first Dingux Kernel

Individual Kernels

BouKiCHi's kernel

Stephanie's kernel

To be able to use the A330's 64MB of RAM, you must also install Stephanie's boot loader.

uli's Kernel

Menelkir's Kernel

SiENcE's Kernel

0) Kernel for A330 included (64MB supported)
1) RTC (already in boukichi's kernel)
2) PowerOff (already in boukichi's kernel)
3) Safe Reset (Start+Select+PowerButton Up) (already in boukichi's kernel)
4) hold key as SDLK_PAUSE to not lose the compatiblity with some games (already in boukichi's kernel)
5) TVout support (i2c + fbcon patch)
6) Swap file support
7) and future Virtual Mouse support
  • Kernel Options:
set mouse screen area to 320x240

Boot Loaders

To boot Dingux, a boot loader is required.

USB Boot Loader

A file named "hwinit.bin" can be uploaded with the usbtool utility when the Dingoo is in USB boot mode (reset + B). This file initializes the hardware so that a second upload with usbtool can boot a Linux kernel. It is used as the first stage of a dual boot installer, but can also be used to boot Linux directly.

BouKiCHi made an updated version of this file that supports more Dingoo models and shows a Dingux logo, which is useful feedback to demonstrate the initialization worked. See the release announcement for info and download link. If you have trouble installing a dual boot loader, please try this version of hwinit.bin.

Dual Boot Installers

Dual boot refers to a boot loader that can boot either Dingux (Linux) or the Dingoo's native OS (uC/OS-II). There are different variations, but they are all based on booboo's port of U-Boot. The boot loader is installed on the NAND flash inside the Dingoo. booboo explains the boot process on his wiki.

booboo's Dual Boot Loader

booboo created the first dual boot loader for Dingux: announcement, download. It boots the native OS by default and boots Dingux if the Select button is pressed on the boot screen.

BouKiCHi's Dual Boot Loader

BouKiCHi modified booboo's boot loader to include an option to boot Dingux by default. It can be found on BouKiCHi's Dingoo site.

Stephanie's Dual Boot Loader

Stephanie modified booboo's boot loader to initialize the SDRAM controller of the Dingoo A330 such that all 64MB is usable. Note that you also need a kernel compiled for 64MB RAM. See the release announcement on Dingoonity.

Kernel HowTos

Howto use SWAP


mkswap /boot/.swap


swapon /boot/.swap

Take a look if everything works:

cat /proc/swaps


swapoff /boot/.swap