Emulator Title Emulated Platforms (Port) Author Status for Current OpenDingux Release* Download Page
AES4ALL Neo GEO AES, Neo Geo MVS Chui / Ayla Works Chui's projects
DCaSTaway Atari ST Chui / Coccijoe N/A OpenHandhelds.org
Dingux-ATARI Atari 800, Atari 800XL, Atari 130XE, Atari 5200 ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux CAP32 Amstrad CPC ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-ColEm ColecoVision ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-Hugo PC Engine ZX-81 / flpstr Works OpenHandhelds.org
Dingux-Int Intellivision ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux MSX MSX ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-2600 Atari 2600 ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-THOM Thomson TO7-70 ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-TI92 Texas Instruments TI-92 Zx-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-TI99 Texas Instruments TI-99 Zx-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-7800 Atari 7800 ZX-81 / Ayla Works marvin.crapouillou.net
Dingux-Vectrex Vectrex ZX-81 / Coccijoe N/A OpenHandhelds.org
dSwan WonderSwan (without sound) ^MiSaTo^ N/A misato.es
FCEUX Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Family Computer) ValdikSS Works OpenHandhelds.org
FCEU320 Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Family Computer) the_gama, ValdikSS, DiegoSLTS, d_smagin Works OpenHandhelds.org
Frodo Commodore 64 mrlogan Works OpenHandhelds.org
OhBoy Game Boy, GameBoy Color hi-ban Works OpenHandhelds.org
gnuboy Game Boy, GameBoy Color Ayla Works crapouillou.net
GpChip-8x CHIP-8 Coccijoe N/A OpenHandhelds.org
gpSP Game Boy Advance Ayla Works crapouillou.net
ReGBA Game Boy Advance Gaku_Kano Works OpenHandhelds.org
MIDPath MIDP2 (Java) rookie1 N/A OpenHandhelds.org
Handy Atari Lynx Coccijoe N/A OpenHandhelds.org
Handy320 Atari Lynx K. Wilkins, SDLemu, d_smagin Works OpenHandhelds.org
Neko Project 2 NEC PC-98x1 series BouKiCHi Works Google Drive
NEO4ALL Neo Geo CD Chui, Fox68k / Ayla Works Chui's projects
openMSX MSX Manuel Bilderbeek, David Heremans, and others Works SourceForge
PicoDrive Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) Ayla / ValdikSS Works valdikss.org.ru
PocketSNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom) Ayla Works crapouillou.net
PokeMini Pokemon mini Justburner / Coccijoe N/A Google Code
Psx4all PlayStation uli / flpstr Works OpenHandhelds.org
Race for OD Neo Geo Pocket Alekmaul N/A Portabledev
ScummVM-DINGUX Collection of Game Engine Recreations Ludvig Strigeus, Eugene Sandulenko, and others Works SourceForge
snes9x Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom) N/A N/A MediaFire
Snes9x-od Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom) d_smagin Works Sendspace
Dingux SMS_SDL Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System Joyrider / Coccijoe N/A OpenHandhelds.org
sz81 ZX80, ZX81 Ricardo Leite N/A www.koflinux.com.br
UAE4ALL Amiga 500 Chui / Coccijoe Works OpenHandhelds.org
uNGP Neo Geo Pocket Uguru Works Google Code
uPCE PC Engine Uguru Works Google Code
Unreal Speccy Portable ZX Spectrum djdron Works Google Code
uSMS Sega Master System Uguru Works Google Code
VMUDingoo Dreamcast VMU (Dreamcast VMS, Dreamcast VM) xzakox / Coccijoe N/A OpenHandhelds.org

* - Current OpenDingux release as of this writing is the first end-user release.