JXD S7300B


The JXD S7300B is a chinese manufactured Android Console by JinXing Digital CO.Ltd. Out of the box, the tablet plays numerous emulators (NES, SNES, Sega Genesis(CD and 32x too),SMS,Game Gear, GBA, Neo Geo, CPS1, CPS2, PS1, N64, Gameboy(color)). The performance of some of the emulators is questionable plus they are outdated.The device also functions as a decent 7 inch android tablet.


Hardware Specifications

These are the manufacturer specified specs, these might differ by production date.

CPU: Amlogic MX (Cortex A9 CPU w/ ARM mali400 GPU), Dual core, 1.5GHz (As of 1.7 JXD has locked the speed down ~1.3GHz)
GPU: Mali 400 Dual core
Internal Memory: 8GB (5GB available for user storage,1GB for system + android OS)
Expansion Slot: MicroSDHC Card, officially limited to 32GB (compatible with MicroSDHC of 64GB capacity but varies by brand)
Display: 7" LCD, 1024*600 pixel, 5 point Capacitive @60hz(50hz pre 1.7), 169ppi pixel density
Battery: 4000mAh lithium-polymer, approximately 5 hours
Audio Output: Stereo speakers, 3.5mm Headphone jack
Input: D-Pad/Analog Stick,R Analog Stick, 4 Face buttons, 4 Shoulder buttons,4 Side buttons, internal microphone, Power switch, 7 inch 5 point capacitive screen, .3 Megapixel front camera
OTG: USB 2.0 OTG support for certain BT and 3g dongles. It also supports external Devices such as game pads, keyboards mice and hard drives via OTG
Dimensions: Length: 9.50inches Width: 4.77inches Depth: 0.56inch
Weight: 0.90 pound

Operating System

The JXD Currently runs android 4.1 jellybean. The stock version has a few shortcomings that are fixed in custom roms currently available for the device.

Stock This is the Official firmware from JXD. The company has released the source for this in a peculiar manner and has improved the releases for custom firmwares. This is full of bloatware and runs games from it's game center. The latest firm is version 1.7
NCCE NCCE is a firmware that started as a cleanrom to remove the bloatware, since then it evolved to a full custom firm. It features its own open sourced apps and aims to keep the simple JXD approach while fixing the features and adding the needed extras to play games. The latest version is 1.1
Sxelrom Sxelrom is a custom firm named in honor of Skelrom(long time user Skelton created these for the jxd devices), It's team focuses on adding features and optimizing their custom mapper and driver.It features multiple modes on how to use and set the buttons and give the user the option on how each button is calibrated.Their latest version is 2.1